Nanny Stories- tales from the streets

Its BLOG time!

We’re so honored to hear all the great stories our travelers tell us when they’re using our bag storage service, so we thought- lets share them!

Baggage Nanny has been in operation for just over a year now and although the day to day grind seems like a lot when creating a new travel industry staple like ours, the many heart warming stories we hear from our guests always make our day.

Our service only exists because we saw a need to make travel less stressful and offer a safe place to store your bags, grab a bottle of water, and decompress, so you can go out and enjoy your day- travel made easier!

We will be sharing our customer stories, fun things to do in San Diego, fun things to do in the new cities we launch in, anything and all things travel related. Thank you for taking this journey with us, we’re excited to explore the world with you, bag free.


Baggage Nanny - Baggage Lady
Baggage Nanny – Baggage Lady

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