Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Baggage Nanny ? Our FAQ will help you with
initial and frequently asked questions.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate a 24-hour service but our main working hours are 8am-
9pm.  For pick-ups outside the working hours there is an additional
charge. Please contact our customer service department directly at
619-625-6200 with any special hours needed.

Where do we meet the Nanny for pickup?

For customized locations, like hotels or vacation rentals, your Nanny
will meet you either in the lobby or front door area.
For service at the Port Cruise Ship terminal, your Nanny will meet you
curbside to pick up your bags.
Our store location is 205 West Date St San Diego 92101- the big
yellow mansion! It’s hard to miss and is located a quick 5-minute drive
from the San Diego International Airport.

Are my bags secure and safe?

Yes!  Each bag is stored in a highly secured storage unit with 24-hour
high tech security system and triple lock access.   Only the Nanny
team is allowed in the storage area. Each Nanny is submitted to
stringent TSA background checks prior to employment.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yep! We are licensed through the State of California and the County
of San Diego, with plenty of liability insurance to go around.

What if I need to change the time of pick up or delivery?

Please call customer service at 619-625-6200 immediately so we can
make sure the necessary adjustments are made. We require up to a
3-hour window for changes, depending on demand, but will try to fulfill
any immediate changes within an hour.

What if I need to get something out of the baggage?

Each bag is taken directly to the storage facility, so accessing them is
not possible.  If you need to retrieve the bag early, please notify our
customer service at 619-625-6200, please allow up to 3 hours for
delivery, but they can be picked up at the store location as well.

What about valuables?

Please do not keep cash, jewelry or other fragile, important items in
your bag, as they are not covered by our liability insurance.  We
suggest keeping those with you, in your carry on or handbag.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a 15-mile radius from San Diego International Airport.  We
are happy to pick up and delivery outside that area as needed, there
may be additional charges. We are currently negotiating with the
airport to enable curbside service, currently we’re unable to pick up or
drop off at the airport.

How do you know which bags are mine?

Each bag you have us pick up will come with a personalized
numbered tag, similar to a coat check system.  Your bag will have the
number attached to it and you’ll get a matching numbered tag to claim
your bag when delivered back to you.

How do I pay? Can I tip our Nanny?

Your booking is prepaid through our website, or at our store, so no
need to worry about processing any payments during pick up or drop
off.  Tips are always welcome, in cash or when placing the

Overnight storage?

We will gladly store your bags overnight; additional fees will apply.
Please contact our customer service department directly at 619-625-

What if I’m late?

Your pick up and drop off times allow a 15-minute window following
your reservation time.  If we do not hear from you, our Nanny will
depart after that set time and your order will be cancelled without a
refund.  If you would like to reschedule, you would need to book a
new reservation through our website or at kiosk.  Delays due to
weather or airline/cruise ship issues outside of your control will be
dealt with on an individual basis.  If you’re in need of it, can we ship
your bags to you for- at your expense to be paid up front.  We want
you to have a seamless experience so we try to be super flexible- we
get it, things happen!

Can I pick up/leave my bags at the hotel front desk for you?

Absolutely!  Just please clear it with the hotel front desk and let us
know, we’ll text you confirmation when they’re delivered.

Prohibited items?

We do not allow: combustibles, flammable items, hazardous or toxic
materials, chemicals, narcotics, fireworks, explosives, weapons or

We reserve the right to ask you to open your baggage so we can inspect to ensure none of the prohibited items are contained. We reserve the right to refuse service.


If you’re not clear on how it works, please complete the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.  Do you have a different query, please contact us so we can help you as soon as possible.